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Bloom From The Wounds comes from my experiences with chronic illness, emotional trauma, and severe anxiety, and the therapy that preserving flowers gave me at the lowest point in my life. As a little girl, I was happiest barefoot in the garden, flower tucked behind my ear, in my own magical world. When I was 16 years old and depressed, my sister made me a copy of one of her drawings to tape next to my vanity. It depicted flowers growing from a wrist, including the words "Bloom from the wounds where you once bled."  Years later, physically and emotionally suffering, I was uncontrollably drawn to learning, and perfecting all the ways to preserve and save flowers forever. Pressing, pounding the pigments on paper, rolling impressions onto clay, watercoloring with pigments, drying in silica gel. Little did I know, I was healing my broken heart and learning to love my mind. Bloom From The Wounds is a reminder that you are okay exactly how you are. 




Gillian Koprevich
(814) 321-8187
Bloom From The Wounds Floral Preservation

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