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My name is Gillian Koprevich and I am the creator of Bloom From the Wounds! Currently based out of State College, PA, relocating soon to near Willmington, NC. I am a self-taught botanical preservationist and artist, with a BA in Animal Science from The University of Delaware. The Language of Flowers first originated in the Victorian era, when open expressions of love and intimacy were still frowned upon. Flowers gave people a way to communicate their feelings without a voice, and they did the same for me when I had lost my own. I am passionate about capturing all the beauty of your life moments, and creating keepsakes that will last forever— still taking reservations and commissions for 2024 weddings!


Floral preservation & artwork are created using only real flowers & ethically sourced wings. All original artwork by Gillian Koprevich

Located in Central PA.

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